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How to Get a Japanese Wife: Expert Tips for Japanese Wives Dating

How to Get a Japanese Wife: Expert Tips for Japanese Wives Dating
Success rate:69%
Popular cities with brides:Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kyoto
Average cost of bride:$12,000 – $35,000
Average age:24-30 years
Best Japanese websites:

SakuraDate, EasternHoneys, Naomidate

If you are already familiar with Japan, you know that this country has a rich culture, unique cuisine, and entertainment. Nevertheless, the bragging point of Japan is its gorgeous ladies. Once you explore the diverse internal world of any Japanese woman for marriage, you will see that all representatives of this country are flexible, loyal, and charming. If you are aspiring to marry a lady from this Asian country, you will need relevant information that will guide you through the perks and traits of these exotic ladies. Keep reading to learn more about Japanese women to choose the perfect match to share your affection with. 

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Why do Japanese brides stand out on the dating scene?

Those who are looking for pure love must already know which qualities their ideal wife should obtain. Study the list of the most prominent features of Japan women for marriage to determine whether your love adventure is worth the effort. 

  • Japanese women have a supportive nature. Japanese girls tend to shower their husbands with love and admiration. Aside from being selfless, they demonstrate a genuine interest in their partners and give support regardless of the situation. Japanese wives are always ready to share their wisdom from their life experiences. 
  • Ladies from Japan are hard-working. Japanese women are not only excellent caregivers, but they are also determined and ambitious. These ladies strike the right balance between productivity and quality time with their families. Being intelligent and well-educated, these girls quickly find jobs in foreign countries. 
  • Japanese brides are enduring. Ladies from Japan embody endurance and are proud of this cultural attribute. Due to their enduring nature, these girls can keep things on an even keel even though it might be hard. They tend to preserve positive thinking even in the face of adversity. That is why so many men worldwide value Japanese wives. 
  • Asian women are modest and intelligent. Despite being well-educated and smart, Japanese girls don’t rush to build their careers. They always put their families first. These women usually take up the role of hostess in their homes, though many females can perfectly combine their work and family. Japan gives numerous opportunities for its citizens. However, local girls remain modest and unpretentious.
Japanese Mail Order Brides

Who are Japanese mail order brides and how to approach these beauties?

If you are serious about finding a pretty Japanese wife, you will have a lifetime ahead of you to understand Japanese women for marriage and learn the pros and cons of marrying a Japanese woman in person. Still, before you make the life-changing decision to find a Japanese wife, here are some things you need to know about them:

  • As modern as Japan looks, its society is still very traditional in many ways. For example, Japanese wives are expected to stay home and take care of the family, and most of them embrace it.
  • At the same time, the rate of female students in Japanese higher education institutions is constantly on the rise, which shows that these women have healthy ambitions and want to have it all in life.
  • Japanese women make up a slightly larger part of the Japanese population than men. Combined with the fact that most Japanese men are die-hard workaholics, the number of Japanese women looking for American men is not surprising at all.

In case you want to have a deeper insight into who a Japanese mail order bride is, you will need to create an account on a dedicated website to discover all the positive sides of online dating. 

Mail order brides usually seek foreign husbands online. They create accounts on special international dating platforms and communicate with men in the hope of finding their significant others.  

To become a mail order bride, a lady should prove her identity and provide an identification document. Thus, a man can be sure that he is communicating with a real person. Also, girls registered on dedicated websites upload their photos and videos to engage men. They use the tools available on a particular platform to get in touch with their admirers. Depending on  the platform’s features, a Japanese mail order wife may stream live videos or talk in public chats. 

Thanks to international online dating websites, thousands of Western grooms have already derived the benefit of communicating with girls from Japan. Suffice to say, dedicated platforms provide an affordable way to meet your soulmate.

James Pincher

Compared to the expenses you might spend on traveling to Japan, paying for the website services is a more budget-friendly option.

How to find Japanese wife?

If you decide to start your love hunting adventure, it is just time to find a reputable Japanese mail order bride platform and take things from there. Here is how to get a Japanese wife online:

  1. Find a Japan bride dating website that meets your expectations in terms of user experience, audience, prices, and reputation.
  2. Create an account and fill out your profile with information and photos to make it easier for your ideal Japanese mail order bride to find you.
  3. Use search, matching algorithms, and other features to discover Japanese brides who match your requirements.
  4. Reach out to the Japanese mail order brides who caught your attention to start your communication.
  5. Talk to the women, discussing the matters you find important and making sure that you have enough in common.
  6. After a while, you should be able to pick one woman you like the most and can see as your future wife.
  7. If you’ve firmly decided to marry a Japanese woman, the next step is meeting in person and seeing if your connection is meant to be.
  8. After you pop the question and get a “yes”, you can help your woman apply for a K-1 visa and start preparing for the wedding.

How much it costs to meet Japanese mail order wives

Check out a quick breakdown of the costs you will face when you meet Japanese women for marriage.

Relationship stageWhat you pay forHow much you pay
Dating onlinePremium membership, credits, gifts$50-$200 per week
Dating in real lifeTickets, hotel, food, taxis, entertainment and dates$3,000-$5,000 for two weeks
Getting marriedK-1 visa, lawyer fees, wedding$3,000-$20,000
Japanese girls

What to do and what to avoid when communicating with a Japanese girl online

International relationships always assume cultural differences. If you want to create a rapport with a Japanese mail order wife, you will need to learn how to properly communicate online. This is a key factor that will determine the future of your relationships. Here is a selection of dos and don’ts that will help you approach these exotic beauties and create bonds with them.

How to engage Japan women for marriage

Japanese ladies aren’t demanding, but they have a lot of admirers online. That is why you will need to have several hacks up your sleeves to stand out from other potential grooms.

  • Show your interest. Japanese women like men’s attention. Try to respond to their messages without delays and ask as many questions as possible. Local guys aren’t attentive to girls from Japan, so these girls seek affection in foreign guys. 
  • Be romantic. Compliments, gifts, and other romantic things can blossom Japanese girls into a complete love affair. Local guys are too busy at their jobs and don’t have time to compliment their women. Nevertheless, Japanese girls have a romantic nature and want the same from their partners. 
  • Show your intentions. Japanese girls will hardly continue relationships until their partners showcase serious intentions. So, you will need to demonstrate that you are serious about marrying a foreign bride. Although nobody can give any guarantees online, if you are really interested in buildings something serious with your Japanese girlfriend, just show your feelings.   
Japan women for marriage

What to avoid during online communication with Japanese girls

If you don’t want to damage your relations at the very beginning, it is better to avoid some things. 

  • Don’t rush making eye contact. Although it may seem strange, Japanese girls don’t tend to make eye contact with strangers. It will make them confused if you stare at their eyes for a long time. Let your girlfriend get used to your company, and then you can make eye contact naturally. 
  • Don’t misunderstand her reaction. It is in the nature of Japanese ladies to be shy and hide their emotions. Don’t think girls from Japan are unfriendly. They just don’t always show off their feelings. The more you know each other, the more sincere your Japanese girlfriend will seem to you.
  • Don’t insist on intimate talks. Even though there is a stereotype that Japanese girls are emancipated, intimate talks at the beginning of relationships may make them frustrated. Wait until your girlfriend begins to trust you, and then you can bring your relationship to the whole next level.

How to choose the best dating site for a safe dating journey

How to safely and conveniently find a Japanese bride and avoid getting scammed in the process? It’s all about the right choice of a dating site, and here are some things to look for:

  • Online reputation. The site needs to have a positive track record online and not have any allegations of scam against it.
  • Verified profiles. A good dating site with Japanese brides needs to have verified female profiles to eliminate the possibility of getting scammed.
  • Customer support. You may not ever need it, but having a live customer support feature is a sign of a trusted dating sites that takes security seriously.


Once you create close bonds with a Japanese bride, you will see how easily women can embrace changes, adapt to new challenges and circumstances, and preserve a positive demeanor. Although it may seem that getting a Japanese wife is rather expensive, each dollar you spend on online and offline dating will be completely justified by the happiness your spouse will infuse your life with.

My name is James Pincher and I am here to help you find true love online! My knowledge and expertise will help you find and meet with the best foreign girlfriends and brides online.

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